Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunes, 23 Junio: Another side of Boca

Another side of Boca
Originally uploaded by Laura Grace
This is by no means to imply that there aren't plenty of places in the USA with this kind of housing. What was striking, though, is how close this, and many building just like it, are to the extremely touristy area of Boca. When you see photos with gorgeous colors on houses, and tango dancers, you are probably looking at photos of Boca.

We, on the other hand, forgot to check the camera battery, plus we were just overwhelmed by the time we had walked blocks & blocks... so when we finally got to the "real" Boca, we didn't take any photos.

I'd like to go right at sunrise, before the vendors get set up. It really is an extraordinary area, but feels kind of like Disney with sexier artwork & more litter.

I hope to go back with some of the photographers we've met here, to get some local perspective. After all, I would NOT like them to judge Atlanta by World of Coca-Cola...

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