Monday, June 16, 2008

Lunes, 16 Junio: Flag Day, Laundry Day!

Lunes 16 Junio: Flag Day & Laundry Day!

About last night: We had a lovely time at the home of Ursula and Carlos, who are Michael's colleagues. Very cozy by the fire, delicious homemade pizza & relaxed talk. It's good to know people who are so friendly, that's for sure!

We've decided that not having laundry facilities here is a good thing: Michael picked up his laundry today and was charged 10 pesos -- a little more than $3.00. I'm imagining going up & down 2 flights of stairs if there had been a laundry room in the building...

Michael and I went back to Florintina for lunch (sense a pattern here? we feel it is our obligation to investigate restaurants in the neighborhood.)

I took a 3 hour walk to Bosques de Palermo. Because today is Flag Day, lots of stores were closed AND the roads through the park were also closed, as they are on weekends. It was a wonderful time to wander around: a sunny afternoon, a huge park full of families and groups of teenagers and young couples.

Agua Caliente
If you look carefully at the photo above (click on it to enlarge it), you can see a sign which, for us, is somewhat mysterious. We're used to seeing cold water for sale, but in Argentina, Brazil and probably other parts of South America, no occasion is complete without settling down for mate, a warm infusion of herbs, which is typically shared with friends.

You can learn about it here:

I didn't take any photos of anyone drinking it, because I didn't want to be intrusive and didn't have my telephoto lens, but trust me, mate was being enjoyed all over the place. Michael & I have each tasted it, and it is pretty strong, probably an acquired taste.

Street Hockey
Lots of rollerbladers, bikers, joggers, and plenty of "group cycles" -- I don't know what the name is, but 2 - 6 people sit on benches, under a canopy, and pedal their way around the roads.

I saw street hockey, which made me think of my nephews and my cousin Tom; my guess is that their games were usually not interrupted by horse-drawn carriages!

In the Bosques de Palermo (which is huge... no foolin') I walked through Rosada, which is a lovely quiet place with rose gardens, statuary, and on the banks of a small lake.

On my way home, I found a good place for gelato: Helado Venezia... six different kinds of chocolate... mmmmm....

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