Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jueves, 12 Junio, 10 pm - Another long walk

Today Michael went in to campus, after we had a lovely snack at a local place that sells fabulous olives, breads, savory and sweet items. I walked from about noon till about 5, with one break for lunch. It's actually pretty easy to find your way around, at least in this part of BA. The streets are mainly on a grid, and almost all streets, large & small, are one-way. I know driving would be maddening, but it's a good place for walking; it's possible to find quieter side streets.

Today I headed in the general direction of Recoleta Cemetary, which is very famous and much photographed. As I was heading east, I could see that there was a significant area of sunshine up ahead; it turned out to be a school, next to a really large park: several playgrounds, a carousel, soccer fields, and so on. I lingered there awhile, and took this photo of some extremely well behaved dogs, who were waiting patiently for someone -- their dog walker? -- to resume their exercise. And there were tons of kids running around, and other dogs too. Good dogs!!


Anonymous said...

I'm reading your page everyday. These dogs are SOOO cute. I'm teaching the first, second and third graders. The first night I thought I was just helping, but when I got there, they said "No, you're the teacher." Unfortunately not many folks are going from Columbia. Richard, Daniel, Emmanuel (once) and Ma pui. Karen and Devon are teaching art, Sandra Love is helping me, David is leading the music :) Tom, Catherine (summer intern) and Karin are going. I wish more folks were going! It's a neat curriculm. Oh yeah, David Hale is leading the recreation. Eugenie is helping with the art. Last night our circle served supper at the Hagar House, so Enid taught for me.
It's hot and dry here. Two nights ago it rained during the night, but that is the first time for weeks. Elizabeth got her driver's license today.
Glad you're enjoying Argentina and being with Michael.
We prayed for you Tues.night and missed you.

Laura Grace said...

Hey Dorothy! Great to hear from you, and thanks for using the comment/blog feature. I'm actually pretty proud of my blog...

I appreciated hearing about the Vacation Bible School, I was wondering. Thank you for being involved...

Also, I'm happy to be remembered & prayed for on at Tues group; so far I am counting on God to help me act like an adult, and it appears that I am... :)