Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, 6 June: Buenos Aires to Cordoba to La Fonda

BA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) to La Falda ("The Skirt")

How was my day, you ask?

Well, even though I'd slept for 12 lovely hours, when my alarm woke me
up at 7:30 a.m., I still had to remind myself that getting up was
"NOW", since I hadn't repacked my suitcase, needed a shower, wanted a
bite to eat, hadn't yet ordered a taxi, hadn't paid my bill AND had a
flight to catch at 10:15!

Fortunately, I was flying out of Jorge Newberry Aeroparque, which is
about a 15 minute ride, assuming you know where you are going, which
my taxi driver obviously did… And I made it with time to spare. The
runway is right on the water, and it was a pretty morning.

Wish I'd gotten a few more photos of the city before we turned around; but then I
could see over the water (bay? not sure the proper name for the mouth
of a very large river) to Uruguay.

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