Monday, June 23, 2008

Sabado, 22 Junio: Nuevas Amigos!

In 2005, while we were living in Vancouver, Canada, I started a group for photographers. We went on photo walks together, and we all became a part of, which is a photo sharing website. That group "vandigicam" is still active, and I still keep in touch with some of the people who helped me have such a great time while far from home.

Well, flickr groups meet all over the world, and yesterday Michael and I went on our first photowalk in Buenos Aires. It would be hard for me to understate how happy I was to finally meet some other photographers; and everyone made us feel very welcome. Several members spoke English extremely well, and gave us lots of attention. What a treat!

You can go to my flickr page and see lots more photos: HERE

and pictures from others in the "porteña" group HERE.

(porteña is what people in BA call themselves)

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