Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, 6 June, Settling in at Hotel del Lago

Michael must have seen the taxi arrive, since he was out the door
before I was out of the car. Lovely to be together again! Lunch was
being had, and a yummy buffet it was, too. Cold meats & cheeses,
beets & corn, empanadas, several good things I couldn't identify and
deviled eggs... Then came the second course, which was gnocci with
meat. I had no idea there would be more!

A nice long nap after lunch; Michael woke me up and encouraged me to
get outside, since sunset is about 6 pm.

We walked around a while and
watched the volunteer hedge trimmers and the water fowl … he pointed
out a kingfisher also. As usual, I take his word for it. Lots of
familiar trees and plants and the sound of mourning doves and
roosters. Why do we think of roosters crowing only at sunrise? Is it
just because that's the time we appreciate them least, especially when
dawn is at 4 a.m.? Discuss among yourselves.

Now I'm sitting in a comfy leather chair in one of the lounges; there
is a truly roaring fire going; the fireplace is at least 4 feet high…
Before I end, I want to say how much I appreciate it that Michael
makes a point to introduce me to everyone he knows by name. It was
fun seeing some of the people I met back in April, in the snow-covered
Canadian Rockies…and I like it (after being a bit surprised) that
women give a one-cheek kiss, even if it's a first meeting.

Tonight is a special banquet, possibly with a tango show. I believe
the main dish is cabrito, which will be familiar to those of us who
have been to Uncle Kenny & Aunt Nita's in Leakey, TX. I'm hoping the
hedge trimmers mentioned earlier will not be part of the feast… which
begins at 9 p.m. in true South American fashion.

So… how was YOUR day?

Love, Laura

ps—I really DO want to hear about your day… keep me connected, ok?

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