Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tuesday, 6 June Driving to La Falda


Driving to La Falda ("The Skirt")

The flight was 1.5 hours, very easy. Daniel, the driver that Michael
had arranged was waiting for me with a sign bearing my name; the ride
was companionable though mostly silent, since we didn't have a common
language. He was kind enough to encourage me in my halting attempts
at Spanish. Or perhaps he had a carefully hidden sense of humor
regarding my attempts. I may try and reconstruct the "dialogue"
because my word-by-word questions and statements were probably fairly
comical. However, I did express that the scenery looked like
California, and he agreed that in summer, the mountains were not
"verde" but "amarillo"…Just like the "golden" hills of California.

Most of the trip was on 2 lane, well maintained roads, and went
through more than a few towns, where I played "I Spy a word that I
already know" and "try and guess what THAT means"…

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